Who of Carrie's great two loves was better: Aidan or Mr. Big?

, 19 jun 2018 at 05:31


  • Since it's the show's twentieth anniversary, TV Line looked back at Carrie Bradshaw's two greatest loves on Sex and the City: John James "Mr. Big" Preston and Aidan Shaw.
  • The case for Aidan Shaw: a contrast to Big, honest, sweet, emotionally mature, forgiving, and he helped Miranda when she threw her back out. He even got along with Carrie's friends.
  • What about Mr. Big? Rich and smart basically. But too emotionally damaged because of his past relationships. So a perfect fit for Carrie.
  • As of now, Big is (barely) winning in TV Line's poll of "Team Big or Team Aidan."

Who was better: Aidan or Big?
Moreover, do you have a "one that got away" story, ONTD?