An elephant formerly owned by Michael Jackson briefly escaped its enclosure at a zoo in Florida

, 19 jun 2018 at 04:41

Sources: 1 | 2

  • A bull elephant named Ali escaped his enclosure for about twenty minutes at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens on Sunday. He didn't go very far as he only ended up in the courtyard behind the giraffe and elephant barn.
  • Ali once lived at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch (now called the Sycamore Valley Ranch).
  • The elephant's short-lived jailbreak was due to human error (a gate was left open) so the zoo is gonna work on internal policies to make sure this doesn't happen again. No guests at the zoo were ever in any danger, and Ali was enticed back into his enclosure with food.
  • After leaving the Neverland Ranch, Ali joined the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens back in 1997.

Have you ever been to a zoo before, ONTD?