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20 sept 2018 at 05:46 62
September Plush Sales and Auctions

September Plush Sales and Auctions

Hey everyone! Been a while since my last post. We have gotten a number of plushes for sale and auction. We also need to make room for new plushes so we will be cutting down the prices of many of the items. There's also discounts for sales more than $50!...

20 sept 2018 at 02:34 19
Floral Cup, Stain Glass Eevee, Fan of Pikachu Claims

Floral Cup, Stain Glass Eevee, Fan of Pikachu Claims

Hi. I have some unclaimed items leftover from my FB page. I am currently getting 2 boxes of the Floral cups, but I can get a 3rd. Hopefully poor Eevee and Pikachu are filled. $11 each figure. Shipping starts at $4 Pikachu 1. Cîŋdy lu'Ox...

19 sept 2018 at 22:14 13

Pokemon Center Online Issue?

I looked to see if there were any other posts about this, but I didn't see any so I'm super sorry if this has already been discussed. Has anyone had any issues ordering from the Pokemon Center online site? I ask because I placed an order for 2...

19 sept 2018 at 13:09 13

A Special Reintroduction!

So, I said when I posted my sales a few days ago that I would specifically post on the 19th. I didn't just pick that day out of the! Hi there! My name is Leah, and today is the 10th, yes TENTH, anniversary of my first post on...

19 sept 2018 at 08:09 14
Last Pickup Alola Kuttari

Last Pickup Alola Kuttari

Hi. I will do a last pickup and it will be the Alola Kuttari. They will $13 each. I will need all packages shipped to their new homesby the begining of October so I can have enough time to clear out my apartment and do all the moving procedures....

19 sept 2018 at 07:36 41
Pokemon Voodoo Doll Charms: Pseudo Legendary Dragons Auction & Custom Slots

Pokemon Voodoo Doll Charms: Pseudo Legendary Dragons Auction & Custom Slots

I'm back again with some more Pokemon voodoo charms! Some for auction and some open custom slots. I was hoping to be able to post sooner, but this is as soon as I could post. So if you're interested I'd be really happy if you took a look under the...

18 sept 2018 at 14:51 13


Hi everyone ^_^ Who collects Raichu? Its been so long since i posted my collection to the community! Probably been about 8+ years since i posted my collection here last (lol i dont even remember qho have me sales permission), so any way i am a raichu collector, since i...

16 sept 2018 at 19:38 21


Hey, everyone! I checked the US Pokemon Center store today and they've released the 2018 Halloween plushes as well as some Halloween plushes from the previous years. My problem is that the Halloween Sylveon is listed as out of stock already! It's been up for a day and...

16 sept 2018 at 07:28 13
Bunch Of Stuff Auction

Bunch Of Stuff Auction

Hi Everyone! :D I'm here with yet another auction. This time it's a bunch of lots. :P *Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014. *My pkmncollectors community feedback can be found here. General *I will not sell to non-members or banned members. *Items come from a...

16 sept 2018 at 03:26 19
Selling charm, looking for Celestial Storm cards

Selling charm, looking for Celestial Storm cards

Selling the following charms. The first two pictures I'm asking $5 for each charm and can be seperated. The rest of the pictures I'm asking $10 per charm and I am not breaking apart sets. In addition I'm only selling Latios+ Latias together. I'm pretty set on $5 for the...

15 sept 2018 at 19:33 33
A Bit More Weeding

A Bit More Weeding

Added a few new things to my sales and lowered the prices on previous items as I would like to free up the plastic bin they're stored in. I'm also debating on selling pretty much all the random misc. items my Lycanroc collection (basically anything that's not a charm, figure,...

15 sept 2018 at 05:54 28

Any interest?

Edit: have decide to sell some but have no idea on pricing since they are all over the place or completely absent from sales online! Need to have a think :) Hello you may remember me as a Pokedoll collector from the old days - well, the...

14 sept 2018 at 07:04 102

Huge Payment Post For Secured Claims (Participants please read!)

[link] Please Control F and find your user name on the post and then let me know what your zip code/country is so I can calculate your final total, but if you are on my list of soon to be released merch, I will not need you to pay...

14 sept 2018 at 05:46 13
New Merchandise Alert: Kuttari & Mofu-Mofu Paradise

New Merchandise Alert: Kuttari & Mofu-Mofu Paradise

Hello everyone! Tonight's Pokemon Center release announcements were short but exciting. Kuttari plush are returning! As with all previous releases, each Pokemon will get two versions: a normal version and a sleeping version. The line-up includes: Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Dusk Lycanroc, Alolan Vulpix, Wimpod,...

12 sept 2018 at 16:46 33

ISO Latios merch!

Realized I have very little latios merch even though he's my favorite legendary! Things I'm particularly interested in: — plushies (old pokecen, pokedolls, keychain, etc!) — stickers — small figures mega latios is great too! if the merch has latias on it thats great as long as it isn't Only Latias. I'll look at...